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At Marion Friel Funeral Director - Green Burials of Love, we offer green burials in Chicago, IL with an environmentally friendly burial service for your family member or friend’s funeral. The caskets are created from sustainable materials such as fast-growing willow, sea grass, and bamboo, which gives them a small carbon footprint. Casket liners are made from natural cotton. Our woven caskets can be used as part of a traditional funeral, cremation, or a green funeral.

Our green cemetery upholds the idea of allowing death to initiate new life. The peaceful grounds are maintained by hand, without any monuments, markers, or plaques. Also, the cemetery prohibits embalming of human remains with formaldehyde-based chemicals, metal caskets, or outer burial containers. We are deeply appreciated by those who love the quiet of nature. Our environmentally sustainable burials are valued by those who respect the importance of an eco-friendly earth.

Although each family may have special wishes for the service of a loved one, we can help with the many options available for a natural ceremony. As is often requested with a green service, a simple graveside ceremony in our green cemetery is offered. We can provide everything necessary including: the transfer of the remains into our care, custodial care, basic services of the funeral director, transfer of the body to the green cemetery, and shrouding and placing the remains into the coffin.

Our funeral director can provide pricing information to create a personalized and captivating tribute to a lover of nature. As with any funeral home pricing, we can supply you with our pricing information upon request. This will give you an itemized list associated with having a well-performed green service. Learn more and familiarize yourself with the intricate details of an eco-friendly funeral and burial service for your family member or friend.

It is possible to make the entire service green as requested by the deceased.

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